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Introduction: When you first start creating a website, the best way to organize your content is by using a site map. This will help you keep track of where everything is and what it relates to. It can also help you identify any potential conflicts or problems. After all, your site’s success depends on user traffic—and if your users can’t find what they need, they won’t bother coming back.

What is a Site Map?

A site map is a handy tool that can help you plan and manage your website. It contains a comprehensive list of all the pages on your site, as well as the links to any other pages on your site. A Site Map Maker can help you create a custom site map that perfectly matches your needs.

How to Make Your Own Site Map.

To start, first, find a template or document that you want to use as your starting point for creating your site map. Once you have an idea of what you want, simply click on the links in the left-hand column of the Site Map Maker window and start creating! You can choose from a variety of templates and document formats, making it easy to get started.

How to Use a Site Map Maker.

Once you’ve created your site map, it’s time to use it! To make use of it, simply head over to one of the pages on your website and click on the link in the top left corner of the Site Map Maker window. You’ll then be taken to a page where you can print out or e-mail your new site map!

How to Use a Site Map Maker.

To use a site map maker, you first need to create a site. In this section, we’ll learn how to use the site map maker to create a new website.

Use the Site Map Maker to Create a Site

To begin, open your web browser and type in your desired website address in the address bar. Once you have entered the desired website address, click on the “Create Site” button at the top of the page.

Once you have created your site, you will be able to see it in your web browser. To configure your site using the site map maker, follow these instructions:

Add Sites to Your Site

When you have finished creating your site, add any additional sites that you would like to include on your website. To do so, select the “Add Site” button at the bottom of the page and input their website addresses into the fields provided. You can also add other types of content such as images or videos if desired.

Use the Site Map Maker to Display Sites

Once you have added sites and configured them according to your needs, you can use the site map maker to display them on your website! To do so, simply click on one of the “Display Sites” buttons at the bottom of each page of your site mapmaker account.

How to Use a Site Map Maker.

To add a new site to your website, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your website and find the “ Sites” section of the menu.

2. Click on the “ Add Site” button.

3. Select the desired site from the list of sites and click on the “ Add Site” button.

4. Enter basic information about the site such as its name, description, and pageviews (pageviews are a measure of how popular a particular site is).

5. Click on the “ Add Site” button and wait for the site to be added to your website.

6. To view or use the site, follow these steps:

1. Go to the “ Sites” section of your homepage and select the desired site from among the selections below.

2. In addition to displaying the desired site on your homepage, you may also want to use it as a drop-down selector when creating menus or links within your website or documentation sheets (e.g., HTML pages).

3. To modify or delete content on a selected site, follow the steps:

1a) To edit text content, select the desired text from among the available sources and then press Ctrl +D (or macOS Finder’s Command +D).

1b) To delete pages or sections from a selected site, select them and press Delete (or macOS Finder’s Command +X).

4) To configure sites using the Site Map Maker, follow these steps: 1) Choose one of the five configurable tabs to display different settings for that tab (such as location, theme, security settings etc.).

2) Click on one of the settings icons to change that setting for that tab(such as map size/shape etc.).


Site maps are a powerful way to organize your website and improve search engine visibility. By using a site map maker, you can easily add sites to your site and attractively display them. Additionally, using the Site Map Maker to configure your sites can help you improve website accessibility and performance. Overall, using a site map maker can make your website more organized and easier to use.

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